From coffee to breakfast sandwiches, mochas to scones, you're sure to find something that strikes your fancy.

The Usual Suspects


Espresso and steamed milk. The amount of foam is up to you!


Espresso, your choice of white or milk chocolate, and steamed milk.


Espresso with steamed cream. Add 10 cents to make it a mocha!

Cafe au lait

Your favorite coffee blend topped with steamed milk.


Espresso with steamed water.


Our delicious espresso, straight up. How ever much you need.

Depth Charge

Have a long day ahead? Add an espresso shot (or two) to your coffee.


Fresh and hot, we offer our Great Northern coffee blends in light, medium, dark, and decaf roasts daily. 

Specialty Drinks

*NEW: Buttery Irishman

Espresso, butterscotch, and Irish cream make a tasty treat!

SOB Mocha

Clean it up, potty mouth! It means south of the boarder because we use Mexican chocolate.  

Naughty Norwegian

A blend of cinnamon and vanilla for you Scandahoovians!

Cherry Cordial

Milk chocolate, cherry, and almond. This drink is simply heavenly.

Nutty Irishman

Feeling lucky? Try this blend of Irish cream and Hazelnut.

Cafe Miel

A sophisticated blend of espresso, honey, and cinnamon.


Mint Truffle

Milk chocolate, mint, and vanilla. Like a peppermint paddy.

Funky Monkey

A banana split, except with espresso. Milk chocolate, banana, and almond.

Turtle Mocha

A classic favorite that includes milk chocolate, caramel, and macadamia nut.

Frozen Grinders

We were blending espresso milkshakes before it was cool. Choose your own flavors or try one of ours (named after employees and drink-creators) here:


White chocolate, coconut, blueberry


White chocolate, Amaretto, and black cherry


Milk chocolate and raspberry

L.B. Butterfinger

Peanut butter, milk chocolate, and butterscotch


Oreo cookies and white chocolate


Dark chocolate


White & milk chocolate, mint, oreo, Irish cream. A drink so special it's the only one named after a customer.



Irish cream, Kaluha (syrup), and chocolate drizzle


Just nuts! Hazelnut, almond and macadamia.


White chocolate and peanut butter.


Milk and white chocolate. Never had a milkshake before? This is the one to try.

Eats & Treats

Breakfast Sandwich

Egg on a biscuit made with your choice of ham, bacon, or sausage topped with cheddar, swiss, or pepper jack cheese.

Homemade Scones

Baked fresh (almost) daily. Ingredients vary, but these puppies go quick. Get 'em while they're hot!

Muffins & Breads

Homemade banana bread, blueberry muffins, and more. A rotating selection of baked goods to satisfy that sweet tooth!